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# [[Toolchange Operation]]
# [[Toolchange Operation]]
# [[Park Position]]
# [[Park Position]]
# [[Parallel Z & A axes]]
# [[Setup Parallel Z & A axes]]
=== G-code Commands ===
=== G-code Commands ===

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This manual will help guide you set up and operate your servomotor-based CNC router. If you get lost, you can refer to the CNC Terminology Glossary if you have a question about what a term means.

Table of Contents

The Control Software interface for servo systems.
Main control window

Start and Setup

  1. System Requirements
  2. Installing the PCI Servo Card and Software


  1. Non-Tool Change Tutorial
  2. Set Tool Stand Locations Tutorial
  3. Set Tool Length Offsets Tutorial
  4. Manual Tool Quick-Change Tutorial
  5. Manual Tool Change Tutorial

Explanation of Features

  1. Control Interface main screen
  2. File Execution (G-code and SAC)
  3. Spindle and Coolant Controls
  4. Cut Speed and Plunge Speed
  5. Jog Operations and Controls
  6. Position Display (DRO)
  7. Goto Position
  8. Home position
  9. Zero position
  10. Toolchange Operation
  11. Park Position
  12. Setup Parallel Z & A axes

G-code Commands

  1. Overview
  2. Sample Programs
  3. G-code reference