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The process consists in using the knife to cut a reference mark (e.g. a cross), and then jogging the spindle to the respective reference mark. The router's current position is the offset between the two tools.

Needed tools:

  • Knife blade.
  • Pointed bit (e.g. 'V' cutter).
  • Sample material to cut with the knife.

Create reference mark:

  • Release toolholder from chuck.
  • Place knife blade into the knife.
  • Rotate the knife parallel to the 'Y' axis.
  • Zero the 'X' axis.
  • Cut the first line along the 'Y' axis.
  • Once the first line is cut, position the knife in the center of the cut line.
  • Rotate the knife 0.25 of a revolution.
  • Zero the 'Y' axis.
  • Cut the second line along the 'X' axis.
Knife cutting reference mark

Measure and save the offset:

  • Add toolholder with pointed bit into the chuck.
  • Carefully position the pointed bit in the intersection of both lines.
  • Once the bit is correctly positioned, the current 'X' and 'Y' position is the offset between the knife and the spindle.
  • In Setup->Tools, add the offset as a tool and add special case as 10.
Offset measured with a 'V' cutter