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Move to origin before run

For the router to compute trajectory, it must know where the path it wants to cut starts.

By default, on the Techno CNC system, this is done by forcing a move to the origin of the file (0,0,0,0) as the first move.

If this is unacceptable (if your Z zero is at the bottom of the material, a fixture is in the way, or this is an automation project that has specific restraints that require the machine to not perform this move), the system can be changed to accommodate your needs.

Most users can change a setting in the CNC interface to automate this process.

In Setup->Advanced->Software switches, there is a drop down box labeled:

  1. Move to origin before run
  2. Move to Highest Z before run (X=0,Y=0)
  3. Move to Highest Z before run (XY first sight)
  4. Move to specified points before run ->
  5. Do not move to origin before run

Here is how the system will function with these settings:

  1. The setting will move to 0,0,0,0 as the first move.
  2. The setting will move to the highest Z spot found in the first 500 lines of the file, X,Y=0 for the first move. This is the best option for cabinet makers and other customers who have the Z zero at the bottom of their material.
  3. This setting will move the system to the highest Z spot found in the first 500 lines of the file, and X and Y to the first X and Y command found in the file.
  4. This setting opens up 4 boxes below the drop down menu where the user can enter 4 numbers to move the axes to as the first move of the file.
  5. This is reserved for power users who need constant, changing control of their initial move. To use the #5 setting properly, the user must have the following code as the first two lines of the file or the system will not run properly (typical behavior includes Z depth moves 2x too deep):

Where the values for X,Y,Z,and A are wherever the machine must first move to, and the second line includes a tiny move in Z to another similar safe spot.

Note that this document referrs only to running Gcode. If you are using SAC, the system will not follow this procedure, however, if you are using SAC to run gcode, it will follow this procedure when running the gcode from SAC.