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Plasma Posts for CAM

Use a standard Post processor for CAM software. The techno software interprets standard techno gcode.

Be sure the plasma pre-preprocessor has been implemented. Press and hold the preprocess button and make sure that plasma is on the active side of the pre-preprocessor list.

Consumable replacement

Replace all consumables at once, make sure the new ones are a matched set, rated for the amperage they will be run at, and installed as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Work lead

Be sure the work lead is attached to the part to cut and not only to the table. If the work lead becomes separated from the part being cut (either not attached or cut free), several issues may arise, including torch not starting, intermittent torch errors, premature consumable wear, poor cut quality, etc.

Air Requirements

The air pressure set at the torch must be set properly (consult the proper pressure for the material being cut in the manual

The air flow must be at least as high as the torch minimum (consult the manual, it is typically at least 6cfm. Techno has a flow meter that can be borrowed to test if necessary)

The air must be clean and dry! Employ air filters and water separators/dryers. Keep in mind that some dryers restrict flow too much and could result in too low of a flow.