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The cutter plunges too deep or not deep enough after changing tools. The system cuts properly for the first tool.


The tool lengths are incorrect.


Test the tool lengths:

Have the machine retrieve the first tool.

  • Find a reference point on the machine that is stable (not a loose piece of material or something that will move).
  • Move the spindle so the cutter is barely touching the point.
  • Zero all three axis at this point (after this, the machine should read "0.000" in the upper right under all 3 axes). You may also use the touchpad to zero the Z axis to the top of the material, but don't forget to zero X and Y.
  • Change tools to the next tool.
  • Click Goto, and fill in 0 for X and Y. Leave the value in Z as it is. Click Go.
  • Slowly jog the Z axis downwards until it is similarly touching the part as before.

NOTE: It is important not to use Goto to move the Z axis down, as if there is a length error, this might result in damaging the material or the cutter.

  • Once the tool is barely touching the material as before, compare the Z readout in the upper right. If the tool lengths are taught correctly, this number should be very close to zero.
  • If the number is far off from zero, learn the tool lengths.
  • Repeat this test procedure for all the tools on the machine, comparing one tool to all the subsequent tools.

If all the tools are learned properly and the file still cuts deeper or shallower on subsequent cuts, the issue may be one of axis drift.